Living in a Mist of Cucumbers………… #TMHhacks

There’s something truly amazing about cucumbers… maybe it’s the way they freshen up a G&T, or how a single slice can reduce a proper puffy eye; maybe it’s the zero calorie factor or the fact my stepdaughter munches away on a stalk like she’s eating an apple or maybe it’s because they’re one of the…

Eye Spy an Eye Mask…………….. #TMHhacks

I have to confess I have a real obsession with eye masks these days. Ever since my family increased to include a 5 year old, I’m perpetually tired and my eyes are so puffy I look permanently bee-stung. But hey, it’s all worth it right??

Charcoal Cleansing Grains ………. #TMHhacks

I remember the first time I heard you could use charcoal to cleanse your face; I was thinking “charcoal! Like the black gritty stuff that’s left over after a BBQ?” Not exactly my idea of a skin saviour but I’ve tried worse (or weirder).

Sun, Surf & Loving Your Skin (the T.M.H way)

It’s the season of sunshine, though London sure has an odd way of reminding us what time of year it is! Blissful blue skies followed by days of clouds so grim you might as well stay in bed with a warm drink and an extra thick duvet.