Fruity Fragrance For Your Home……… #TMHhacks


Scents and smells and fragrance …. OH MY!

I have to admit I’m a perfume gal from way back and have had everything from oil burners to incense sticks to diffusers beautifying my home on a very regular basis. I used to love walking into homewares stores and sampling the scented candles and reed diffuser oils or picking up all those little pieces of card at the perfume counters and rubbing them on my wrists.

Imagine my surprise when I realised all those lovely scents are loaded with chemicals that are often as damaging for you as second hand smoke!

There are times when my foray into the world of natural, organic and sans chemical has been a true pain in the a** and I almost wish I could carry on in blissful ignorance, but it wasn’t to be. These days I actually dread the walk through the department store perfume section, hold my nose in the scented candle aisles and on a few occasions have actually had to change carriages on the train because someone’s cologne (or body lotion) was too heavily scented.

While I know this is better for my health (and my family), I’m still partial to a good smell and nothing feels more welcoming and homely than the citrus zing from a zesty diffuser or a heavenly vanilla scented candle.

It’s definitely been my mission to get this au naturel scent situation sorted and boy has it been a blast! The following recipe has to be the coolest home hack anyone ever showed me and it really works a treat; plus it ticks all my important boxes – natural, delicious and cheap… DING, DING, DING.

Citrus Rind Diffusers


There are literally a hundred and one variations for this recipe and it’s all about taste, preference and whatever floats your boat really.

The basic recipe can be used over and over with a few tweaks to suit your mood or your home and you really only need a few simple (supermarket) ingredients to transform your living, dining, kitchen or bathroom into a serious scented haven.


1/2-1 cup coarse sea salt
1 whole orange/lemon/grapefruit/lime
5 drops Essential Oil of choice
1 tsp fresh herbs/spices

Hollow out your citrus fruit using a paring knife and spoon.
In a small bowl, mix the sea salt, essential oil and herbs/spices.
Spoon into the rinds and place in different rooms of the house.

Replace every 3-4 days.

*grapefruit with sage leaves and cedarwood Essential Oil.
*lemon with vanilla Essential Oil and rosemary.
*orange with cinnamon Essential Oil and cloves.
*lime with coconut Essential Oil and lavender buds.

Lots of Love
Alex Brennan & The Model Handmade

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