Laundry Day is ‘da Bomb… #TMHhacks

I have to admit, I’m probably the worst when it comes to washing! It seems our basket is ever over-flowing, and no matter how often I drag myself to the machine this house suffers a serious sock shortage.

My gripe with laundry stems from one main thing – itchy, itchy, itchies!

When I first overhauled my cleaning products, washing powder didn’t even make it on my radar – I mean people used to wash with baking soda and water and those weird scrubbing boards (or turtle tummies Snow White), but they sure are loaded with some nasties!

Well, I think I’ve found a way to love Laundry Day all over again; and now the sun’s out and shining I do believe some musty clothes deserve a little fresh air.


DIY Laundry Bombs

Laundry Bombs

When you’re making your own washing powder it’s suddenly very noticeable how quickly it gets used and I’m never quite sure how much is TOO much – these bombs are designed one per wash (and the recipe makes 28).

1&1/2 cups washing soda
1/2 cup Castile Soap (grated)
2 TBS Epsom salts
3 TBS hydrogen peroxide*
1/4 cup vinegar
15-20 drops essential oil

*make sure this is food grade


Grate the Castile Soap into a mixing bowl and add the washing soda and Epsom salts.

(all-natural washing soda softens water while washing clothes and the Epsom salts cut down on static cling and also soften fabrics once clothes hit the dryer)

Now add the hydrogen peroxide and give things a stir.

(hydrogen peroxide naturally whitens clothes and keeps your colors fresh)

Stir in the vinegar, which busts through stains while leaving clothes soft. Then scent with several drops of your favorite essential oil.

Once everything’s mixed (and looks a little like wet sand); cover a sheet pan with parchment paper and then use a rounded 1 tablespoon measuring spoon to scoop up the mixture, press against the side of bowl, then tap out onto the pan. Finish with a quick spritz of equal parts vinegar and water. Let set for eight hours before using.

And there you have it – some serious kick-ass Laundry Bombs!

Lots of Love

Alex Brennan & The Model Handmade

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