A Date with Gratitude & the Never Enough Syndrome


Sometimes you just have one of those mornings; you know the ones… Didn’t get enough sleep, husband/wife’s in a bit of a mood (which of course is YOUR fault), can’t get the kids ready for school, don’t feel like exercising, spend the whole day in bed feeling like a failure!

It’s called the Never Enough Syndrome. An endless list of things that you can’t get right…

Never smart/kind/patient/thin/&c. enough… It creates a whirlwind of negative thoughts and actions and well there goes being grateful. I mean how can you be grateful when you can’t do anything?

I’m somewhat (or more often than not) guilty of the Never Enough – if the world around me isn’t functioning then it’s my fault! I have days when I can’t be bothered to move from the sofa, when I don’t have the patience to spend with my family and feel like the walls are caving in but I have learnt a nice little trick for pulling myself out of the cesspit.

It’s called Gratitude….

Research has shown that if we express gratitude daily, it can have a profoundly positive impact on our lives.

# T.M.H hacks


Ok so we know we need to be grateful, but how can we incorporate it into our lives? 

BOOK IT: Make a daily date with some gratitude.

If you are a slave to your calendar, make it work for your wellness by setting a daily gratitude appointment with yourself. When the alarm sounds, mentally note something or someone for whome you’re grateful.

SAY IT: Let your gratitude be known and let others come along for the ride.

Why not try doing attitude of gratitude shout-outs prior to every dinner together. Single? Next time you have a girls’ or boys’ night out take some time to go around and do your shout-out then!

WRITE IT: Start a gratitude jar. 

This is a relatively recent addition to our house but it’s pretty easy….

All you need to do is find a jar – we recommend a medium size one so the design will wrap around the jar nicely! When you’re done, decorate it anyway you like X 


Take time everyday to write a note (or make it green by writing on pebbles) with something that you are grateful for! Once your jar is full, empty the contents with your loved ones and remember all those special times… Yay!

How do you find ways to be grateful? Leave us a comment or #themodelhandmade or #TMHhacks on Instagram and show us your grateful moments X

Lots of Love
Alex Brennan & The Model Handmade


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