Morning’s Should Be a Blast….

I’m such a believer that a good morning routine can completely change your life, in the same way a bad morning makes the whole day sh*t!

Summer Sun Body Oil……………. #TMHhacks

There’s something truly magical about summer; maybe because the warmth takes me back to my homeland, maybe it’s the slimming effects of a healthy glow, the mood boosting properties of sunshine, or perhaps that all my best childhood memories include beach cricket, summer BBQ’s and afternoons in the pool with my sister.

Living in a Mist of Cucumbers………… #TMHhacks

There’s something truly amazing about cucumbers… maybe it’s the way they freshen up a G&T, or how a single slice can reduce a proper puffy eye; maybe it’s the zero calorie factor or the fact my stepdaughter munches away on a stalk like she’s eating an apple or maybe it’s because they’re one of the…

Fruity Fragrance For Your Home……… #TMHhacks

Scents and smells and fragrance …. OH MY! I have to admit I’m a perfume gal from way back and have had everything from oil burners to incense sticks to diffusers beautifying my home on a very regular basis. I used to love walking into homewares stores and sampling the scented candles and reed diffuser…

Eye Spy and Eye Mask…………….. #TMHhacks

I have to confess I have a real obsession with eye masks these days. Ever since my family increased to include a 5 year old, I’m perpetually tired and my eyes are so puffy I look permanently bee-stung. But hey, it’s all worth it right??

Lusciously Long Lashes thanks to Mother Nature………#TMHhacks

By now it’s probably no secret that models (and make-up artists) live for the long, full lash look; in fact, I’ve lost count of how many lengthening, thickening mascaras there are on the market. Unfortunately what usually happens with these type of products is that a tonne of questionable chemicals cling together to create that…