Eye Spy and Eye Mask…………….. #TMHhacks

I have to confess I have a real obsession with eye masks these days. Ever since my family increased to include a 5 year old, I’m perpetually tired and my eyes are so puffy I look permanently bee-stung. But hey, it’s all worth it right??

Lusciously Long Lashes thanks to Mother Nature………#TMHhacks

By now it’s probably no secret that models (and make-up artists) live for the long, full lash look; in fact, I’ve lost count of how many lengthening, thickening mascaras there are on the market. Unfortunately what usually happens with these type of products is that a tonne of questionable chemicals cling together to create that…

Charcoal Cleansing Grains ………. #TMHhacks

I remember the first time I heard you could use charcoal to cleanse your face; I was thinking “charcoal! Like the black gritty stuff that’s left over after a BBQ?” Not exactly my idea of a skin saviour but I’ve tried worse (or weirder).

Munchkin Passionfruit Pavs………. #TMHhacks

I honestly can’t believe we are already in a brand new year; not to mention most of the way through the first month! It seems the older I get the faster the time goes though this year I’m grateful for the speed.

The Sniffle Season…..   #TMHhacks

  I seem to have a real love/hate relationship with Autumn (Fall); on the one hand I love the cool crisp mornings, the thick stylish coats and the colours of falling leaves and flowers enjoying their final bloom but on the other hand there’s running noses, endless tissues and sore throats that feel like you’ve…

Lessons from the Bendy World

   I’ve always been one of those naturally (irritatingly) bendy people! You know them, they do nothing for months but can still put there hands under their feet with completely straight legs. 

Laundry Day is ‘da Bomb… #TMHhacks

  I have to admit, I’m probably the worst when it comes to washing! It seems our basket is ever over-flowing, and no matter how often I drag myself to the machine this house suffers a serious sock shortage. 

A Date with Gratitude & the Never Enough Syndrome

  Sometimes you just have one of those mornings; you know the ones… Didn’t get enough sleep, husband/wife’s in a bit of a mood (which of course is YOUR fault), can’t get the kids ready for school, don’t feel like exercising, spend the whole day in bed feeling like a failure!